EdTech Innovation is a national conference, hosted by Athabasca University in Calgary, May 1 -3, 2013, bringing together startups, researchers, and technology purchasers and venture capitalists. The conference will profile innovative research being conducted in Canadian universities as well as startups that are developing new technologies, products, and services. Connecting researchers with startups will enable new forms of innovation and partnership opportunities in growing Canada’s educational ecosystem. We expect 200 attendees for this event. An open trade show will be available the general public to see new educational tools and techniques.


During the past decade, educational technology has steadily grown in prominence and influence on campuses around the world. In response, a new generation of edtech startups has emerged, influenced by the significant flow of capital into the sector[1]. Currently, a national conference does not exist that brings together edtech innovators, practitioners, funders, and government partners. The EdTech Innovationconference addresses this void and will assist in developing awareness of the growing edtech space.

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