EdTech Innovation is a national conference, hosted by Athabasca University in Calgary, May 1 -3, 2013, bringing together startups, researchers, and technology purchasers and venture capitalists. The conference will profile innovative research being conducted in Canadian universities as well as startups that are developing new technologies, products, and services. Connecting researchers with startups will enable new forms of innovation and partnership opportunities in growing Canada’s educational ecosystem. We expect 200 attendees for this event. An open trade show will be available the general public to see new educational tools and techniques.


During the past decade, educational technology has steadily grown in prominence and influence on campuses around the world. In response, a new generation of edtech startups has emerged, influenced by the significant flow of capital into the sector[1]. Currently, a national conference does not exist that brings together edtech innovators, practitioners, funders, and government partners. The EdTech Innovationconference addresses this void and will assist in developing awareness of the growing edtech space.

Here’s a Quick Way to Improve Productivity

everythingdiscprofileThose who have been able to establish a successful business or company are well aware of the importance of productivity that comes from the many individuals who contribute to the numerous achievements of a brand or service.

With this in mind, those who look into starting up a new company or a small business should be open minded with the many ways and means that can help to increase the level of productivity of the different personnel who will contribute and compose a big portion of the business.

Learn and Listen

A qualified means that has helped a lot of businesses these days to learn more about their employees and to listen to their personal needs and abilities is through the DISC test or assessment.

Since this tool leads to the revelation of particular personalities that come out from different perspectives on particular environments, it is a great way to learn more about all these individuals who will be making up a big part of the company you want to establish.

Identifying these different personalities and their own approach to particular situations will help seal the deal when it comes to providing steps and schemes that will make them become more efficient and productive in the long run.

Adaptation and Specificity

It is common knowledge that not everyone is created equal which is why having the opportunity to know exactly what you are dealing with in terms of the personalities and reactions of personnel to particular scenarios is a key ingredient to business success.

Once you are able to identify their particular realizations to events and their environment, you will have enough resources to look into in order to create a plan that will adapt and be specific to their own necessities, which in turn will help to bring up their productivity.

Follow Up

Of course it is not enough to just identify each personnel based on their personalities, it is also very necessary to select ways that will help match their abilities as in the long run this will help establish steps and procedures for others who have the same perceptions.

As the leader of your business and company it is important to be able to seek for appropriate ways to continually monitor each contributing personnel to see if particular processes and tasks are working well with them or if there are other more appropriate approaches that will make productivity more achievable for them.